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Tuesday, June 9, 2015 • Staci Appel announced she will not run for Congress in 2016.  This website will however, remain intact indefinitely, pending some time in the future, where it might be needed once more.  Should anyone wish to contact the administrator of this website, please use the contact form.


A huge Thank You goes out to the Independent voters of Iowa's 3rd U.S. Congressional district, as these are the people who made Staci Appel's defeat possible. The goal of Staci Appel dot com has always been to inform, to reach out to you, the Independent voter, to assist you in making the all important decision as to who would best represent you and your values, in Washington. Iowa's 3rd Congressional District is essentially evenly divided, between Republicans and Democrats — with this contest being considered a toss-up by many political analysts, who called it one of the tightest congressional races in the country. The registered voters in our district are 35 percent Republican, 32 percent Democrat, with the remaining 33 percent being among those who made this more than TEN POINT SPREAD in the election results, even possible.

Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
David Young Republican Party 148,652 52.8%
Staci Appel Democratic Party 118,938 42.2%

As most of you are aware, Staci Appel essentially sank her own campaign with an accidental disclosure of just how out of touch she really is (by being even more liberal than many Iowans in her own party). During the debate in Council Bluffs, she indicated that she would not revoke the passports of Americans who were known to have joined terrorist organizations. Immediately after the debate, she tried to reverse her statement by saying that she would advocate for the revocation of such passports, but we here at Staci Appel dot com have made sure everyone was well aware of her original position, regardless of any claims she later made.

Our final decision as district 3 voters was to choose David Young. We are sending a Representative to Washington who will express true Iowa values and demand government accountability! Our new Congressman has promised to be a fiscal hawk, with his primary goal to reduce our federal deficit and to curb government spending. It is now our job as members of his constituency, to hold him to that promise, just as we should any elected official that we send to Washington.

of Staci Appel!

What she actually said:

Appel Opposes Revoking Passports of Terrorists

What she later claimed to have said:

On the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, Democrat congressional candidate Staci Appel said she did not support revoking the passports of Americans who had joined terrorist organizations in the Middle East. Realizing only later, that her position on terrorism is offensive, even to Iowa Democrats, she then attempts to rewrite history, however it will not work – as Iowa voters are much more intelligent than she presumes them to be and see right through her lies. Dozens of Iowans call her out on her facebook page, faster than she can delete their comments. Calling David Young a liar in her commercial, when clearly he is not, is offensive to ME and I demand Staci Appel issue an apology to David Young, immediately!
If you are having trouble believing the audacity of Staci Appel thus far, wait until you read this blog posting on appelforiowa dot com. In it she says, and I quote, “Staci Appel today released a direct to camera TV response to the false and blatantly misleading attack ad released by the National Republican Campaign Committee saying Appel supports giving passports to terrorists.” (however you and I both know for a fact, that is precisely what she said) “David Young should join former Congressman Boswell … in renouncing this ridiculous and over-the-top idea that an Iowa mother of six thinks terrorists should have passports.” (but that's exactly the position she claimed to have during the debate) Clearly there is something dangerously wrong with Staci Appel, think about that fact, as you decide which of these two candidates — and it will be one of these two candidates, who will represent you, your values and the lives and safety of your family, in Washington. This campaign is crucial, so choose wisely.
Staci Appel, after ruling out a bid for Congress earlier this year, in classic flip-flop fashion, filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. She will be running against David Young, a watchdog conservative and native of Van Meter. We here at StaciAppel.com look forward to further assisting Iowa voters in choosing a representative, based solely upon the candidate’s policies and historical performance. Our purpose is simple – we show where each candidate stands on the issues, rather than simply promoting emotionalism, how one feels about the candidate as a person or party affiliate. Historical behavior of each candidate is also an important predictor of future performance, so this information will unabashedly be made available here, as well.    As this election season progresses forward, please visit this website often, where we continue to provide (to those who have registered their free memberships) a free and uncensored access to an open and public discussion on these issues, regardless of their party affiliation.  :-)
NRCC Statement: “Staci Appel’s flip-flop candidacy is a blatant red flag for Iowa voters heading into the 2014 election cycle. Her obvious insecurities about this race are a clear sign that Steve Israel and the DCCC are struggling to find a strong candidate to run in the 3rd District. Iowa’s hard working families deserve better than indecision and disorganization. We can chalk this up to yet another recruitment fail from the DCCC, and it’s an embarrassment.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Danielle Varallo
Former Iowa State Senator Staci Appel lost her bid for re-election in Iowa Senate District 37. Subsequently, Staci Appel is now running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives, in Iowa's 3rd congressional district.
Staci Appel — The Truth Site

We the People of Iowa's 3rd congressional district have the unique opportunity to read, learn and to share what we know, right here on this public truth site. Who exactly is Staci Appel and what are her values?


Who is Staci Appel?


Attention Gun Owners:

Iowa's 3rd Congressional District!

Democratic candidate Staci Appel has REJECTED her Iowa Gun Owners candidate survey – having seemingly learned nothing from the spanking that gun owners gave her, when she ran for re-election to the Iowa Senate in 2010. To learn more, visit Iowa Gun Owners on facebook or visit their website at www.iowagunowners.org

Staci Appel Breaks the Law

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Staci Appel: Plagiarist

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