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Staci Appel, after ruling out a bid for Congress earlier this year, in classic flip-flop fashion, filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, against nine-term incumbent, Republican U.S. Representative, Tom Latham. We here at StaciAppel.com look forward to further assisting Iowa voters in choosing a representative, based solely upon the candidate’s policies. Our purpose is simple, we show where each candidate stands on the issues, rather than simply promoting emotionalism, or how one feels about the candidate as a person or party affiliate. As this election season progresses forward, please visit this website again, where we will soon make available, free memberships and provide free uncensored public discussion forums on the issues.  :-)
NRCC Statement: “Staci Appel’s flip-flop candidacy is a blatant red flag for Iowa voters heading into the 2014 election cycle. Her obvious insecurities about this race are a clear sign that Steve Israel and the DCCC are struggling to find a strong candidate to run in the 3rd District. Iowa’s hard working families deserve better than indecision and disorganization. We can chalk this up to yet another recruitment fail from the DCCC, and it’s an embarrassment.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Danielle Varallo
Former Iowa State Senator Staci Appel lost her bid for re-election in Iowa Senate District 37. Subsequently, Staci Appel is now running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives, in Iowa's 3rd congressional district.
Staci Appel — The Truth Site

We the People of Iowa's 3rd congressional district have the unique opportunity to read, learn and to share what we know, right here on this public truth site. Who exactly is Staci Appel and what are her values?

Who is Staci Appel?

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