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Speed Demon!

I was just reading about Staci Appel racing up Highway 65/69 on St. Patrick's Day.  TWENTY-THREE miles per hour OVER the speed limit??!?  Really??!?  Zoinks!!!  That was on a Monday , a school day.  The Carlisle School buses drop off kids on that patch of road and many farmers have to drive on the shoulder with their farm equipment to get to their fields. 

Unless you have a siren and lights on your vehicle should anyone go 83 mph?  Not to mention the incredible carbon-footprint she was leaving.    Does she think that she owns the road or something?   $he probably does.   Pickup trucks at that speed are "squirrelly" and have a high center of gravity that leads to roll over accidents. I am glad that an officer was patrolling that road and got her to slow down before someone got killed or hurt. 


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