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Staci gets more money from special interests outside of Iowa than from individuals within Senate District 37!

We know that Staci Appel has received only a mere 4% of her financial support from individuals actually living in her senate district. But did you know that 20% of her financial support has in fact come from outside the state of Iowa, most of this from special interest political action committees!
Perhaps this explains why last year Staci sponsored Senate Study Bill 1128 that would have allowed the presidential selection of a majority of Iowans to be changed by the votes of people in other states. This bill would have created
a compact for the state of Iowa whereby the state agrees to certify its electors for president of the United States based on the national popular vote for president, rather than on the popular vote for president within the state.
In other words, in a presidential election, if the majority of Iowans had voted for Candidate A, but the total national vote for Candidate B turned out to be simply one vote more than the total national vote for Candidate A, then all of Iowa’s electoral votes would go to Candidate B, in spite of the fact that the majority of Iowans had voted for Candidate A!
Voting is a fundamental right and the way in which most of us share in the shaping of our government at all levels. It is appalling that Staci Appel wanted to actually create the chance for us in her senate district to be disenfranchised. The right to vote in a presidential election is meaningless if the results can be altered by voters in other states.
Contribution records show that Staci has more financial support coming from special interests outside the state of Iowa than she does from individuals within her own senate district! Her support for disenfranchising Iowa voters shows that she is more interested in representing out-of-state interests than representing we voters in Senate District 37.
Steve Kirby
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