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Just who is Senator Appel really listening to?

 Originally sent to the Indianola Record Herald but so far, remains unpublished. 

Dear Editor and readers of the Indianola-Record Herald,

In reviewing the job performance of our current State Senator, it brought to mind one of the many times that I went to the monthly Legislative meetings that is held at Winterset’s Farmers and Merchants Bank, to have a conversation with our local statehouse elected officials.  This particular meeting in February 2009, the discussion arose about the pending decision on the Defense of Marriage Act by the state supreme court, of which, Mrs. Appel’s husband is a member.  The question was asked to those many attendees in the room, “How many here would like to at least have a say, either way, up or down, on what defines a marriage in the State of Iowa?”  At least 90% of those at the meeting raised their hands in the affirmative, including several known Democrats.  Seeing this, the question was then asked of Senator Appel, “Seeing that your constituents overwhelmingly want to have a say in this matter, will you then support efforts in letting them have a vote?”  I can still remember her answer to this day, “No, I fully support the Supreme Court in making that determination!”

One thing is for sure, I understand the fact that Senator Appel is not as concerned about listening to the views of those who live within Senate District 37, as she is to those radical operatives who live Outside of our District.

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