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Sen. Staci Appel pushes the National Vote Scam Bill, SF 227.

Sen. Staci Appel’s wacky bill (SF 227) will hurt Iowa voters in Presidential Elections.  Appel’s vote scam bill is simply a "Let-The-Big-States-Decide-The-President-For-Iowa" bill.   SF 227 would give Iowa's electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. This is bad news for Iowans, for it will effectively centralize the power to elect the President of the United States into a very few large, and essentially urban states.

The founders envisioned and set up a process of fifty state elections for president as a check and balance on the power of the federal government.

Many of the same people who want to abolish the Electoral College are behind this fall back scheme to consolidate the power of a centralized state by revising the way the president is determined.

These are also many of the same people who want to abolish the First and Second Amendments by interpretation, because they can't repeal them directly.

A group called National Popular Vote is pushing HF 227 in the Iowa Legislature. SF 227 gives Iowa's electoral votes to the winner of the nationwide popular vote. Over time this destroys a vital component of the U.S. Constitution and its system of checks and balances with diffusions of power.

So far New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland and Hawaii have passed laws mandating participation in a compact that goes into effect when the number of states adopting this method of assigning presidential electors reaches 271 electoral votes.

If passed, a few big states will decide who becomes president. California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Illinois and a few other states will become vote generating incubators for big-money political consultants. They will focus on vote-hauling and other schemes to generate extraordinary turn out in these urban dominate states, so as to win the popular vote at the national level.

Iowa voters will be ignored. The national political machines and their operators will take whatever minimal vote they get out of a state like Iowa, and focus all their activities on the big, vote-rich urban states.

Your State Senator, Staci Appel, Chairman of the State Government Committee, rammed this bill through committee without giving opponents a chance to speak against the bill.  Of course, Staci Appel had previously given some guy from liberal Vermont a long time in committee to advocate its passage.

Senator Appel showed her total bias against the average Iowa voter by playing this kind of game with the public input (or lack thereof) process. The bill passed committee 8 to 7.

Thankfully, Senator Randy Feenstra (R-2) objected to this and his work probably convinced two Democrats, embarrassed by Appel’s shenanigans, to vote against the bill.

SF 227 can be found here.

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